The 9 Best Sushi Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal has a great gastronomy culture and is a dreamy place for foodies all around the world. The city is not only special because of traditional, hearty cuisine but also of open markets and artisan stores. Alongside traditional Canadian dishes, you can taste amazing food from various cultures. Japanese food is one of the most popular here, and in particular we love to eat at sushi restaurants in Montreal. Get ready to read about the 9 most delicious sushi restaurants in Montreal – and make sure you’re not on an empty stomach!

Facebook: Kyo Bar Japonais

Kyo Bar Japonais

Kyo Bar is probably the most popular place among Old Montreal’s diners. The restaurant serves izakaya creations, lunchtime bento box specials, smart sushi options, the most expensive sake, and interesting specialty cocktails.

Exquisite food and amazing Japanese ambiance are what Kyo Bar offers. Service is a very high quality here and visitors are always amazed by friendly and caring staff. Staff is always open to give the best advice and have an interesting conversation with visitors.



Kazu is a very authentic, tiny Japanese bistro in downtown Montreal. It’s owned by a Japanese couple and their concept was to recreate their home and welcome people as they do at home. So, this place is extremely cozy and atmospheric.

They serve mouth-watering Japanese food, and house specialty home-made ice-cream choices are green tea, coffee, saké, kahlúa, wasabi, etc. 

There is always a line in front of this place and it hints what you are about to taste. It’s worth waiting. As you enter the restaurant, owners will host you with great attention and incredible food comes very fast as well.

Facebook: Jatoba


Jatoba is one more spectacular Japanese restaurants in Montreal. It’s located in the heart of Montreal’s business district. The atmosphere and modern design are fabulous, the staff is very helpful, always happy to explain and guide you through the menu.

Jatoba is special for its menu created by star chef Olivier Vigneault, just imagine what wonderful dishes you will taste here! This place is perfect for business lunches, late dinners with friends or family, or just for some drinks, they have a big choice of wines.

Facebook: Saint Sushi Plateau

Saint Sushi Plateau

Located in a cozy neighborhood, Saint Sushi Plateau is an atmospheric place for tasting Japanese food. This small restaurant serves some of the best sushi in Montreal.

The special thing about the restaurant is more fusion type sushi, alongside classic ones of course. Here you can taste new flavors and new versions of sushi, which is a great attraction for everyone, they also have vegan and gluten-free options.

The friendly staff will make your dining experience even better, they are always happy to help and give advice. Prices are very reasonable as well.

Instagram: @n.i.m_n.o.m


Imadake is a really fun place for having a good time and enjoying amazing Japanese food. All the ingredients are non-GMO here, they also buy organic and sustainable products to care about visitors’ health and environment, which is really great!

They serve all kinds of Japanese dishes. Visitors love their amazing drinks and special desserts like green tea cheesecake, for example. Everything is unbelievably delicious and the prices are quite reasonable.

If you want to have a great night out with your friends or family Imadake is a perfect place for this.

Ichigo Ichie official

Ichigo Ichie

Ichigo Ichie is a nice place with a hip décor, bar, and dining area. If you sit near the kitchen you can even see how your food is prepared, that’s really attractive!

The restaurant serves a wide menu variety of Japanese sharing plates, which are very comfortable for sharing with friends. They also have specialty cocktails and famous Japanese beers. 

Service is impeccable and portions are quite generous, this is a perfect place to have Japanese food for a reasonable price.

Facebook: Hitori Hazo


Hanzo is a great place for having fun. You can hear club music here, very often. The dining area is decorated with Japanese posters, wood boards, and hanging lights. The hip atmosphere makes you feel super relaxed.

Japanese Food is very delicious and beautifully presented. Alongside with Japanese dishes, you can have very nice drinks and conversations with the barman, Stuff is super friendly here.

Hanzo is a great place to go with friends and have a great party.


Jun I

Jun I is popular for the cozy ambiance and very delicious Japanese food. Guests love to reserve places near the bar, so they can see how masters are preparing mouth-watering food for them.

Jun I has a great choice of Japanese cuisine, but it’s mostly well known for its large choice of excellent sushi and sashimi. 

This place is perfect for dates and friendly night outs, just eat wonderful food and feel exquisite care of the staff. This place will make your dining perfect!

Photographer: Albert.H

Yokota Yokabai 

Yokota Yokabai is another hidden gam of Montreal. It’s a little bit hard to find this place, but when you get there, you feel like somewhere in Tokyo. The ambiance is amazing here and all the visitors underline that.

Yokota Yokabai is mostly known as a ramen shop. They serve the best ramen in the city and even have a vegan option, which is really rare. Even Japanese guests enjoy the ramen, so be sure you will get the real taste of the dish.

The prices are very reasonable as well, so this place is must go for real foodies.