The 10 Best Tacos Joints In Montreal

The 10 Best Tacos Joints In Montreal

Legit tacos are hard to find. Diluted down with experimental ingredients, your taco experience can be bland.

Until you have tasted authentic tacos, you will think some quick weeknight tacos straight out of a box is okay.

Don’t agree? Well then you need to try a taco from a Mexican restaurant right here in Montreal.

Made of homemade corn or flour tortillas, meat servings, sauce and spices, the unforgettable experience is worth your time.

So, if you are craving a taco, this guide will address ten of the best taco joints in Montreal. 

Perhaps, you can try out different taco restaurants and find out what intrigues you the most!

Mr Azteca

Location: 7349 Rue Saint Hubert, Montreal

Villeray’s Mr Azteca is a hidden gem located right in the heart of Montreal. The Mexican restaurant has an amazing ambiance with a homely feel and friendly staff. You can happily feed your Taco cravings in this family owned restaurant as you relax deep into the night. Tacos come in twos and you have a wide variety to try out.

El Rey Del Taco

Location: 234 rue Jean-Talon Est., Montreal

Situated right next to the Jean-Talon market, El Rey del Taco brings you authentic Mexican dishes within your reach. The staff welcomes you with a hearty smile and starts you off with complimentary chips and salsa to warm you up. Then you get a wide variety menu, offering servings like steak, chicken, and fish tacos to tease your taste buds. Additionally, there is a cute little store at the back to buy Mexican ingredients such as tomatillos, Chiles, cactus pads, mole, various salsas and much more to take with you.

Taco Trunp

Location: 388 Rue Saint-Zotique E, Montréal

Famous for its superb Tacos, Trunp does live up to the hype. Packed with authentic and fresh Taco varieties, this place will leave you wanting more pieces. The little haven serves only Tacos similar to the street vendors in Mexico. Aimed at bringing you closer to home, you can enjoy your simple, cheap meals here and grab extras on the go.

Maria Bonita

Location: 5163 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal

The restaurant is family run and welcomes you with the strong lovely aromas of Mexican cuisine. Decorated with warm orange colors and dim lights, the whole vibe brings life to your experience. You can choose a Taco from the menu while in the evening you get a DIY affair. Served in small terracotta pots, tortillas, and cazuelitas you can now make your fantasy Taco. You can expect to have a great time.


Location: 1206 Avenue Union, Montréal

The tightly packed Mexican-themed restaurant is a great combination of fantastic food and drinks. The general vibe is lively and vibrant with lots of graffiti on the walls, similar to a Taqueria in cartel territory. Served in pairs, their Tacos are succulent, combined with special spices to define the taste and salsas on the side. The authentic flavors will elevate your mood. You should also order their famous authentic tequila cocktails.

Tacos Tin Tan

Location: 3828 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal

If you enjoy having your meals outdoors, this little funky restaurant has a seat for you. The wonderful spicy flavors welcome you as soon as you step in. Staff are always ready to serve you and the Taco presentation is ridiculously refreshing. With the authentic Mexican theme, and the bustling space, you can enjoy everything Taco served with love.

Tacos Victor

Location: 4376 Notre-Dame West Street

A fan of take-out? Tacos Victor is your place. The tiny restaurant is more of a fast food joint than a sit-in. Other than that, tacos are packed with delicious such fillings such as veggies, beef tongue, flap steak, sirloin, and shrimp. If you fancy your fries, then you will enjoy them as fillings giving your taco that extra kick.

La Matraca

Location: 4607 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal

Sitting in the upper plateau in Montréal, the small Mexican joint serves you authentic yet delicious Tacos. Fresh filled with beef, fish, and chicken, you have a range of options to work with. As if that is not enough, the salsa, lime, onion and cilantro pairs perfectly to top it off. Wash it down with the flavorful cocktails.

La Capital Tacos

Location: 1096 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal

Hidden in the heart of Chinatown, La Capital Tacos are daring enough to blend Mexican cuisine with Chinese ambiance. Famous for their Cochinita and El pastor, the tacos are adequately filled with onions, cilantro, and salsas to bring the flavors together. You can ask the staff for suggestions and their specials to enjoy the experience even better.

La Tamera

Location: 226 Avenue Fairmount O, Montreal

With all the right ambiance, warm smiling staff, and interesting decorative pieces, La Tamera is there to excite your taste buds. The family owned business offers you delicious, crisp, and flavorful Tacos. Washed down with homemade drinks, the tacos portions are adequate and prices are generous. You are more than welcome to try out different options. You will leave the little gem with a borrowed Latin vibe.

Bottom line

Anyone who says tacos are not that good is either lying or has never had the right one.

With the help of the above list, you have the chance to taste these divine pieces of heaven wrapped in tortillas.

With the right attitude and a cozy restaurant, you can enjoy your Tacos anytime.